DSpace Installation


Linux or Windows. Dedicated server or visual server. It's your pick. Cloud is not recommended because of DSpace's stateful characteristic.


It will be DSpace 6.0 default installation. Here's a demo from official site.

A free update on Bootstrap and JQuery to latest version is included.

Hosting Setup

After you purchase your server and domain, I set them up for you. Apache or Nginx doing the reverse proxy? It's your choice. I prefer Tomcat as servlet container.

Hosting and Maintenance?

After my installation and setup, all you need to pay yearly is your regular server and domain bills. I do maintenance as one-time purchase.


Installation $300, Hosting Setup $100.

DSpace Customization


Thanks to the on-board Bootstrap structure, you can use any Bootstrap based theme/template/framework out there for your DSpace site.

Here is some examples and marketplaces:

Every theme does thing a little bit different, so adjustment is mostly needed.

Any visual features like carousel, gallery, tables, JS effects and side panel not from the DSpace default install will require coding in the JSPs.

Feature and Function

There are quite a few build-in features are disabled by default. Take a look at the document or ask me for recommendation. They can be enable easily by editing the config file.

Elements moving from page to page, new page and redo page. Any way you like.

Third party integrations are relatively easy task(low cost) yet powerful options.

For examples:

  • Google Map
  • Google Analytics
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Twitter Tweets Embedded
  • Facebook Embedded Posts


DSpace development is welcome.


Theme install, typography adjust, brand colors match, logo and titles change on default installation: $180.

Anything beyond will be hourly charged or project-based. Email me details for pricing.

About Current Theme

The site you're seeing now is running DSpace 6.0 JSPUI with Material Design for Bootstrap theme. I made code change in dozen of JSP files and others in order to achieve such result. Work had already been done. If you like the overall layout and style. You just want to change colors and font, and put your titles and logo on. I got a deal for you: $300.

(for your organization only)